real connect, llc.

real connect offers a solution for complete facility control and automation through a smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled device. A quality automation solution will give owners (and their tenants) peace of mind, while saving both time and money. The offerings may be a little confusing, so it is important to look for a secure, flexible, scalable solution that can be tailored to a building owner or manager’s specific needs. real connect is that solution: real connect is Information Technology for Real Property.

Building management and security solutions should be flexible, scalable and secure. Many respected vendors like GE, Panasonic, Trane, Honeywell, Yale and Intermatic offer remote management and automation products that integrate with a real connect™ solution. Solutions can be tailored to each commercial real estate asset type: multifamily, office, retail, industrial, single-tenant or multi-tenant, depending on the owner’s preference and budget.

Building automation services are an easy way to “green” a property and reduce expenses by maintenance personnel. Other incentives may include rebates from local utility companies and reduced utility expenses. There has never been a better time to connect to your real estate – real connect is your app for that!

Automating your facility will save property owners & managers both time and money!

From the Founders

“We implemented and evaluated the real connect™ solution in several of our office and retail properties. We were surprised with the ease of integration, reliability and cost savings of the solution. It is completely customizable and can be tailored to any sized property and budget. We know that other commercial real estate owners and managers will greatly benefit from the real connect™ solution and invite you to contact us today to find a solution that will work for you!”
-Tom and Jonathan, real connect, llc co-founders & customers